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Home » With our NEW Glow Time Pro BB Cream, you can glow like a pro.

With our NEW Glow Time Pro BB Cream, you can glow like a pro.

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With our NEW Glow Time

With our NEW Glow Time Pro , Consider the first time you used a foundation, powder, or concealer. 바카라사이트

Was it simple? Was the color a perfect match? Worse, did it feel like a mask? It was always a struggle for me until I discovered jane iredale makeup.

Nothing feels as good as it does on my skin, so when I heard about the NEW Glow Time Pro BB Cream

I was excited and curious about the improvements to the formula I already loved.

The new Glow Time Pro BB Cream is a weightless, skin-loving formula that resists transfer, nourishes

And protects with SPF 25 in all 14 shades, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup wearing you down.

What Is BB Cream?

Some BB Creams are tinted moisturizers with added skincare benefits, but our Glow Time Pro BB Cream is so much more.

Glow Time Pro is a medium to full coverage liquid foundation that nourishes while concealing blemishes, sunspots, or discoloration and evening out your skin tone.

As a result, A radiant, satin finish with seamless coverage.

Why Should You Use a BB Cream Instead of Foundation?

While it is a matter of personal preference, Glow Time Pro BB Cream also functions as skincare due to ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Apple Extract, and Grapefruit Extract.

Each ingredient was chosen to nourish the skin while you wear your regular makeup.

A BB Cream has buildable coverage, whereas a foundation may only provide full coverage.

I’ll sometimes just wear Glow Time as a base and concealer, building up in areas that need it.

Color matching with Glow Time Pro BB Cream

Glow Time Pro BB Cream comes in 14 shades that reveal and work with your skin tone once blended in.

To find your shade, visit your nearest jane iredale retailer or take our Foundation Finder Quiz. 카지노사이트

Otherwise, start with your skin tone (fair, medium, dark, etc.) and undertone (cool, neutral, warm — more on that here) and choose the closest shade.

The beauty of Glow Time Pro BB Cream is that each shade can complement a wide range of skin tones.

How to Use Glow Time Pro BB Cream

Glow Time Pro BB Cream has a distinct formula, and we recommend a distinct application method — Dot. Blend. Reveal.

How to Use BB Cream:

Begin with clean, moisturized skin prepped with Smooth Affair Face Primer.

Apply a half-pump of BB Cream to your face (cheeks, forehead, and nose)

Blend quickly with fingers or the Blending/Contour Brush (the formula is self-setting) until the product is no longer visible.

Show off your glowing skin! After about 30 seconds, the color will have adjusted to your skin, revealing a more radiant you.

Set with your preferred Hydration Spray for long-lasting hydration and staying power.

Depending on the final look you want, try different Smooth Affair Primers underneath! (Illuminating Glow appears stunning and radiant.)

I can’t wait for you to try the new and improved Glow Time Pro BB Cream.

A little goes a long way toward keeping your skin nourished, protected, and flawless. You’ll be #GlowLikeAPro in no time! 카지노 블로그

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